Inspired by PonzICO, Useless Ethereum Token, Fuck Token and

If you are reading this terms you know you are already screwed.

At first I thought about saying "we reserve right to fuck your mother".

That would be uncool, morally questionable and not really enforceable.

What about that: we will eat you dog's eyes?

It is absurdly ridicolous and some started laughing - it works!

I want to do this legally - following the law.

At the same time - crypto crowdfunding is a gray area.

Many people are establishing entities in Switzerland, Singapore, Liechtenstein.

I've contacted Bank of England and Financial Conduct Authority - I can see it coming.

In the meanwhile - sending much love - always love!

Michal: I have some moral guidance - I value my reputation - getting this church - no shenanigans.