How is that even possible?

People are no longer religious.
They don't go to churches.
Churches are empty.
Churches cost money to mantain.
Current owners sell them for cheap...


End: 31st Dec 2017 23:59 UTC (1514764799)
Hard cap: £100k including restoration (400ETH)
1ETH: 1000 church coins (CRC)
Long term vision: tokenise every church in the UK.

185 square of learning spaces

solidity, web3js, metamask, remix IDE, truffle, infura, MEW, etherscan, DAO hack, Parity multisig double messup?

We need more developers, we need a space to hack together.

Strategically located in the UK

See the Google Maps.
3h15m on the train from London.
Just like US is not only NYC and SF, UK is much more than just one city.
Nature is awesome here, no distractions.
See also Snowdonia National Park.

Property like no other

Most of my crypto connections love their coins so much.
That's why offering the CRC (church) coin for them...

Landmark. Legacy. Stability - Ebeneser Independent Chapel was founded in 1823 and then rebuilt/modified in 1832 and 1842. The chapel was rebuilt again in 1858, in the Classical style with a gable entry plan, by architect Thomas Thomas of Landore.

OK to modify

The best thing - even though the building is from 1858, it's NOT registered as historical bulding.

It's affordable

£40k to get the 185 square meters and adjacent land.


Everything on the blockchain, manages in decentralised, distributed way.

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